BRAND888 is a new services division created for North American-based companies seeking market share in Asia and Asian companies reaching out to the West. Ideastream builds strong brands that successfully navigate through the Pacific Gateway.

WHY IT WORKS… Whether it’s sending the right visual message for better market positioning or catching awkward wording that will turn off your audience, you’ll get better results with our East/West “brand localization” programs. Subtle miscommunications, wrong colour choices or easily counterfeited packaging can derail brands and destroy the best marketing efforts. Prevent losses and gain traction quickly by building a brand that connects with your target across language and cultural barriers.

Our contacts on both sides of the Pacific can smooth the way for your company or products heading either east or west with brand evaluation, brand localization to fit target culture, promotion, and marketing.

BRAND888 service packages deliver a three stage approach to entering the Chinese market.

Touchdown: Year 1 The package gets you started with an exclusive market entry point into China including initial sales and relationship building. The program is designed to offer services on an as-needed basis and can include business planning & market strategy, exclusive market entry point, in-market testing, brand refresh, packaging improvement, gov’t relations, and shipping & logistics.

Naturalization: Year 2-3 This program takes companies with initial exposure to the Shanghai/Ningbo market and launches them into the retail environment in China. Services include market strategy, continued access to exclusive market entry point, in-market testing, brand refresh, gov’t relations, in-China sales team development, secure storage and shipping.

Integration: Year 4-5 This program capitalizes on the first three years of marketing and naturalization into the market and extends the market footprint into additional markets within China.

If you are an Asian company interested in bringing your product to the West, contact us to discuss what you are looking for. We’ll put our expertise at your disposal to support your success!

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