Brand Strategy

The core Brand Strategy Program consists of 4 steps to get you back in the marketing/brand race and gaining traction fast. Like what you see, but not a perfect fit? Talk to us about custom programs, from Strategic Planning to Sales Training. Consider this a starting point:

1.BRAND GPS: Initial meeting
Discussion: Scope assessment, immediate issues, confirmation of the team to join in the process, primary objectives.
Deliverables: Consensus among stakeholders around the key objectives for the sessions ahead, and what we are trying to change or accomplish.

2. BRAND MAP: Strategic Planning Session
Discussion of where we’re going and how to get there. High level Strategic Planning to review goals and set direction of the company for the next 12 months.
Deliverables: A solid plan for reaching company goals focussed on strengths and resources available for implementation.

3. FUEL FOR CHANGE: Brand Discovery Session
Discussion of the current brand: Current market position, customer/audience perceptions, reputation, competitive landscape, marketing plans to date, challenges, objectives. SWOT analysis.
Deliverables: Objective and subjective review of the current brand and what it stands for NOW. Focus on competitive position, current direction.

4. A FASTER CAR: Brand Distillation
Discussion of the new brand vision: Who are we? Key strengths & Core values. Who are our customers/stakeholders/partners? Brand character – Gap analysis. Key messages brainstorm.
Deliverables: A common understanding of where the brand needs to go, where growth will come from, key messages and next steps.

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