Case Study Rogers 5

Case Study Rogers


The final component in the program was a social media initiative targeting new employees and, as a secondary target, existing employees of Rogers Retail division.

The goals of this initiative included:

  • Reduce turn-over of store level employee by encouraging the development of an in-store community
  • Provide on-line orientation for the new employee
  • Provide basic on-line training for new and existing employees
  • Provide greater opportunities for employees to engage with each other and the business
  • Provide a forum for employees in an online “water cooler” forum and photo gallery

The social media program rolled out on the Ning platform. This provided the opportunity for creating a fully branded site with Facebook style features and functionality.

Employees were emailed a link and sent to the site to set up their personal profile. They then went through an orientation process and reported back to managers when complete. At this point employees would then be free to use the full functionality of the site including connecting with all other employees, accessing information, training, the new brand video, year in review video, etc.

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